Pioneering FAR-UVC Disinfection Across the States

As a family-owned and locally operated enterprise, we are a tight team driven to bring the safety and cleanliness of FAR-UVC technology throughout the USA!
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Meet Team Precision UV-Clean

Introducing Kauli, Cutter, and Kieffer Sparks

Proud of our beginnings in Lubbock, TX, our services extend beyond. At the heart of Precision UV-Clean beats a family trio – siblings Keiffer and Cutter Sparks, and their mother Kauli Sparks.

Our journey began during the Covid-19 pandemic when Cutter’s college plans were unexpectedly altered. Sent home for spring break, Cutter was unable to return to campus for the rest of the spring semester. Making the most of the unprecedented situation, Kieffer and Cutter decided to bring their childhood dreams to fruition and start a business together. When mother Kauli offered her invaluable business acumen, this dynamic duo evolved into a formidable trio.

Together, we began Precision UV-Clean driven by a deep commitment to keeping our local community safe. In the middle of a pandemic, we were able to partner with a manufacture. This partnership enabled us to help others have access to products that safely eradicate the germs and pathogens that devastated the world. Years later, we remain thrilled to share the scientifically proven power of UVC disinfection through consulting, in hopes of keeping the world a safer and healthier place.
Kauli, Cutter, and Kieffer Sparks


Upholding our Core Principles


Guiding our path with unwavering belief


Fostering trust through consistent excellence


Infusing optimism into all that we do


Upholding the highest ethical standards


Dedicating our efforts to fulfill our mission


Overcoming challenges with resilience


Collaborating seamlessly to achieve greatness

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