Retail stores and other businesses around the US are preparing to reopen amidst the coronavirus pandemic by using Ultraviolet light-based sanitization technology to ensure better overall safety for their customers as well as their staff. One such name is The Colorado Running Company, which has found an innovative solution to its shelve-restocking problem during the current situation.

The running store based in Colorado Springs has introduced UV light sanitizers to quickly disinfect tried-on items, instead of having to quarantine them in a separate room for days. Apart from that, taking such measures will also allow them to gain customer trust, create better engagement, and build brand loyalty.  

Commenting on the need for UV sanitizers, Rachel Housel, Manager at The Colorado Running Company told KKTV, “We just got to a point where our whole back room was just waiting. It was either, let [shoes] sit out for 12 hours with limited stock when no one can try anything on … we just got to a point like, ‘Let’s just clean them with UV.’” 

Retail stores have the highest risk of cross contamination since there is a possibility that a product has been touched or tried-on by multiple people, even those who may be infected but may not have developed symptoms. This is also the reason why most customers have largely focused on online shopping, leading to revenue losses for brick & mortar establishments.  

The aforementioned concerns have also been addressed by Asis Online through a case study on an anonymous clothing retail store. The study found that the vast majority of infected cases came from its employees, with about 310 affected workers, compared to 88 in an earlier update. Since store employees have a higher chance of exposure to the virus while dealing with customers and infected items, ensuring the safety of all involved tops the priority list of brands.  

Therefore, to combat this issue, retail businesses are trying to introduce innovative disinfection routines such as UV-based germicidal systems that are hailed for contactless disinfection, and for reducing the time involved in sanitizing different store items.  

Elaborating on ensuring customer satisfaction, Housel further added, “The customers have a safer piece of mind, so we might as well keep doing it.” 

Apart from being significantly more effective than traditional sterilization methods, UV sanitizers do not damage the fabric or surface of products – a concern with chemical-based disinfectants.  

As Housel stated, “When it comes to the fabric and stuff, that (chemical sanitizers) is going to damage them.”  

Moreover, unlike usual cleaners & sanitizers that leave behind strong odor and need to be refilled, UV light sanitizers are odor-free, have a longer lifespan, and some variants even have automatic charging features.  

By introducing UV-based disinfection methods, retail stores can ensure overall safety of customers by creating a germ-free environment inside their stores. Brands like The Colorado Running Company and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York can certainly inspire and influence others to join the disinfection bandwagon as they prepare to reopen – ensuring safe shopping experience for all.

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