Lewisville Elementary School becomes one of the first schools in the US to adopt UV light-based technology to fight Covid-19. Based in Chester County, it will use Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) sanitizers within school premises to ensure germ-free surroundings and safer access to education for its students.

Chester County, SC is currently witnessing growing number of Covid-19 cases. According to recent data published by, there is a consistent rise in daily known cases in the region. With schools reopening throughout the county, it has become extremely crucial to invest in advanced sanitization products to protect both students and school staff.  

In such circumstances, to create a safer learning experience, Lewisville Elementary will be participating in a pilot program to use GUV sanitization technology to remove airborne germs and viruses.  

Commenting on the importance of creating a hygienic school environment, Dr. Antwon Sutton, Chester County School District Superintendent told Herald Online, “We’re extremely honored to be among the first to utilize this technology. We’ve chosen Lewisville Elementary based on the fact that elementary schools have been identified as more high-risk areas when it comes to exposure.”  

Sutton further clarified that if the program proves to be successful, it will ensure that students return to a “safer and cleaner” learning environment. “We owe it to [our students] to explore any and all avenues to ensure they are getting the best possible education in a safe environment”, as told to Herald Online.  

Elaborating on the application of GUV sanitizers, District Public Information Office representative, Chris Christoff told Herald Online that GUV light sanitizers have been used in various hospitals to sanitize surfaces and immediate surroundings in a quick, effective, and efficient manner. He also stated that GUV technology has been scientifically proven to eliminate viruses like Covid-19.  

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