With KeyWest International airport going the ultraviolet way for its disinfection purposes, the list of country’s airports that have been placing their trust in the technology is indeed becoming longer.

The airport authorities have chosen a UV disinfection robot that is autonomous and can move freely around the airport. It has powerful sensors that switch off the UVC lamp the moment they detect humans in the vicinity – further enhancing its safety factor. It is believed to finish the disinfection cycle of interior spaces within just 2.5 hours. The UV light robot began patrolling inside the airport last month covering all the areas from washrooms to check-in counters and boasts of a chemical-free air disinfection.

The airport officials rely on the high-intensity UVC wavelength to kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens. “UV technology is another fantastic disinfection tool to rid surfaces of COVID-19 currently on the market,” said Richard Strickland, Sr.Director of Airports, Key West International Airport. “Our continued commitment to the health and safety of all of our guests as well as our employees has to come first.” With this UV light addition to its disinfection routine, Strickland wants to reassure passengers that the airport is ready to do everything possible to protect them from Covid-19.

Increasing acceptance of UVC light for disinfection purposes at international airports should put to rest all the doubts surrounding its impact. Indubitably, one has to follow all the safety guidelines and always keep trained professionals at the forefront when it comes to operating UV disinfection products. 

Source: Axenic-UV

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